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Custom Molding Tools

Prototyping, Medium / Small Production Runs

Custom and standard over-mold tooling engineered and designed from over 30 years of experience. These tools are built to easily conform to a variety of mold base configurations for machines such as Newbury, Autojector, Multiplas standard platens. ISC Utilizes state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software. Solidworks and Mastercam bring current solid modeling and design capabilities to New technology CNC and EDM equipment. These capabilities insure modern design and machining capabilities to provide the highest quality tools and design with competitive costs and shortened lead-times.

Each overmold tool is designed and tested to provide consistent and uniform over-molds, while minimizing sink, flow lines and cosmetic flaws. Each mold is profiled in ISC's molding machines, for optimum set-up, including injection speeds, shot size and temperature profiles. ISC also provides material suggestions for molding compounds.


We provide complete project support including:

  • Design assistance
  • Prototyping
  • Small production run
Solid Works

ISC Engineering is the recognized leader in overmold tooling design and development. With over 25 years of custom insert molding, specifically in the commercial electronics, medical, computer, industrial, automotive, marine and instrumentation markets, the company has expertise hard to find within the interconnect industry.


 The company is an active participant in expanding the use of over-molded and molded on connector, strain and flex relief designs. Overmolding remains a desired art within the industry and ISC holds the key to successful and rapid prototype and design with complete vertical integration and in-house tooling and design. The company’s innovative 3D online overmold design tool is an industry first.

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